Vestina’s Miracle – Gakenke, Rwanda

Nov 20, 2015 2089

Vestina with children

Vestina and her children

This is an amazing story of how God is working through GNU, using different individuals and across continents, to end up in one result – saved souls and transformed lives!

Emma Uwingabire’s voice travels across Rwanda and beyond every week, thanks to the Jesus Only Radio program, and God is already harvesting fruit for his kingdom as a result of this work.

husband of vestina

Vestina’s husband rejoicing with the miracle radio from Belgium. Now they can hear the gospel clearly!

But this story begins much earlier. Last year, Sammy and Josephine, who live in Belgium, travelled to Rwanda for their holiday. They spent their time preaching the gospel in a market place and handing out copies of Jesus Only. One of the people who responded to the gospel message was Vestina, who lives in Gakenke, a very remote area of Rwanda, about an hour’s travel from Kigali, the capital.

Vestina had returned home from the market a changed person. She had her husband began a home gospel fellowship, and kept in regular contact with Sammy and Josephine as they continued to spread the word in their home area.

Alerted by Sammy and Josephine, they began listening to Emma’s radio program, happy to have contact with a wider gospel circle in their home country.

So it was that Vestina’s husband called Emma, inviting her to visit them in Gakenke. She immediately accepted the invitation, and a delighted Vestine told Sammy and Josephine the good news.

Sammy and Josephine saw an opportunity to do something special for Vestine and her family, who had been struggling to listen to Emma’s broadcast on an ancient radio. This was no way to share the Gospel with the neighbours who came to listen, so Sammy and Josephine sent money to Emma to buy a better radio for the family.

members of vestina fellowship

Vestige’s friends and neighbours all gathered to learn about the gospel.

What joy this family experienced when they welcomed Emma and her son to their fellowship! Emma brought not only the gift of the radio, but also a supply of Jesus Only books for them to use in the ministry of these new Christians.

Emma took time to share the gospel with this new group of believers and to encourage them to establish more home gospel fellowships.

The following week, back in Kigali, Emma preached the Good News Radio broadcast from Chapter Six of Jesus Only.

“We praised God to hear the recording,” says Pastor David Kayumba, who had by this time returned to Brussels. “In fact, I heard Vestina’s husband calling in to the program to express their commitment to continue their efforts to share the good news of the gospel.”

– Eliezer Gonzalez

Eliezer Gonzalez

Nov 22, 2015

And God bless you! What a privilege to have met you earlier this year :)


Nov 22, 2015

Thanks Jesus for this group, be with them and soustain they faith in you for to share and share more the Good news of the Gospel God bless sister Emma and her ministry, may God bless Des and others from GNU för this amazing book of Jesus Only.

Eliezer Gonzalez

Nov 22, 2015

Thank you for your message, Eric! Yes... Jesus Only!

Munyaneza eric

Nov 22, 2015

That is a good news even us we like it so much It's very important Jesus only

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