Victors Over Temptation – by Desmond Ford

May 18, 2016 2020


Christ’s temptation was not our temptation. The devil tempted Jesus about our Lord’s mission. We are never tempted to turn stones into bread, to jump down from temple pinnacles, to receive the kingdoms of the world. We are not Saviours of the world.

The First Adam was challenged by the devil. The Last Adam challenged the devil. (Jesus, you’ll remember, was driven into the desert by the Holy Spirit.)

When the First Adam lost out, he involved the whole world in his ruin. When the Last Adam won, he involved the whole world in his victory. We don’t have to surrender to temptation. By believing in Christ, we can be the victor over every conscious temptation that comes to us. As we exercise faith, the victory is already ours!

We are all made differently. Some things that tempt me may not tempt you. Some things that tempt you, may not tempt me. The devil knows our weaknesses. He wriggles into the crannies between the gaps in our armour. He knows we are weak. He’ll get us!

It’s wonderful to know Christ has defeated the devil. Looking to Christ we can be victors over temptation.

– Des Ford. Rom 8:27-32. Adapted from “The Crises of Christ: His Temptation ”

Okurut Martin

Oct 7, 2021

Our God is faithful, He watches over His word to fulfill it. Left and right God guards us even at our weakest point He can't allow us to yield to sin and even God doesn't attempt us with evil. OH what A faithful God we serve?.

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