Village Outcasts Receive the Gospel – India

May 10, 2016 1930


Pr Joseph meets with outcast villagers to share food, clothing and the gospel.

Outside the secluded villages of Telephone Nagar and Hindu Palle, India, the poorest of the poor scavenge the dumps for food and for any scrap materials they might be able to sell the next day. These untouchable and unwanted people have been living away from society for a long time, sometimes even for generations. The children do not have proper food, clothes or shelter.

Realising their needs Pr Joseph Usala, a partnering pastor with Good News Unlimited, took the opportunity to serve. He wanted to share the gospel with them while also providing them with food to eat.

I knew that they never heard about Jesus. So I wanted to share Jesus with them to change their way of life slowly. By the grace of God, I have been supplying soap, rice and [other] edible food to them on a monthly basis.

I have supplied them clothes to wear but still they have needs. They do not bother about tomorrow. Their lives are so terrible and in their society, no one cares for them. They have been untouchable and cannot travel by bus or any other means. So their life situation must be changed in the mighty, holy name of Jesus. I have been praying for them.


A young village child is thankful for the food shared with her.

Pastor Joseph says that through the help of GNU and its partnership in spreading the gospel in India, he has the ability to go out and meet with these people, sometimes twice a week, and share the gospel message.

Their great grandfathers and mothers died without knowing about Jesus due to sickness and improper health care. In the beginning, [the younger generation] had not accepted me and not listened to me. There is a lot of change in them.  Now they are so happy in Christ and they want to learn and to know more about Jesus. 

Let us pray that the “untouchables” will continue to sense the love and spiritual touch that can only be experienced through Jesus.

–Laura Stewart

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