With GNU’s Help Thousands Are Coming to Christ – Pr Joseph Usala

Jun 25, 2015 1873

Pr Joseph Usala

Pr Joseph Usala preaching the gospel

I am Pastor Joseph from Andhra Pradesh State in India, I have been working with GNU since more than one and a half years. When I contacted GNU, they were very, very positive for spreading the Good News in India. It was my beginning stage to start my ministry. And by the grace of God, GNU made very large and wide change in my ministry for spreading the Gospel to thousands of people and saving their souls in Christ Jesus. It is wonderful, excellent and marvelous to work with GNU.

I have learned Gospel preaching and teachings from GNU videos and weekly broadcast online. With great help from GNU I have distributed holy Bibles to hundreds of people who did not have them. By receiving the holy Bible people came to know about Jesus more and more and they are very, very happy to come to prayer meetings. Many of them are very, very interested to be baptised in Christ Jesus. So there is lot of change has been brought among the people by distributing the holy Bibles.

So my great and wonderful experience working with GNU is marvelous and brought great, great change in my ministry and my life and my family life. I experience love, kindness and generosity of my brothers and sisters at GNU. It is Jesus Christ who has connected me to work with GNU for bringing thousands of people to Christ in India.

So GNU is wonderful and excellent ministry. It embraces all the people with the great love of Jesus.

GNU has been working with special vision and mission to spread the Good News around the world and to save as many people as possible for Jesus. The GNU team works very hard with one goal and aim: to spread the Gospel very fast by many means. The founder of GNU, Dr Desmond Ford, is a great spiritual father for thousands of people around the world. He has built GNU on the rock of Jesus, so GNU remains and stands for spreading the Good News now and forever.

GNU gives us study materials and books that are very useful for Bible study and helps thousands of people around the world. It is all about Jesus Christ and how he can save their lives. GNU messages are very highly appreciated and give spiritual growth daily and weekly. The messages bring a lot of change in the lives of the people. So GNU is a wonderful, excellent and marvelous ministry.

With great support from GNU, I have been preaching the Good News on television to thousands of people every week. By seeing and watching GNU programs, many people have come to know about Jesus. Thirty Pastors have asked to join with GNU. So a marvelous change has been brought about by GNU through television here in India. The messages are greatly appreciated and they give a lot of spiritual growth for thousands of people as they learn more about Jesus Christ. So GNU has opened many minds and enlightened people by spreading the Good News on the T.V channel in India.

By working with GNU my ministry has been growing well. Thousands of people have come to know about my ministry and now the word of God has spread to many villages and people are very much interested to know about Jesus Christ. I have been able to visit many, many places weekly and monthly for preaching the Gospel and praying for the people. With help from GNU I can feed thirty old age people who come to prayer meeting monthly, and I can help them with rice. They have been living in huts without proper food.

GNU has helped my ministry with 3000 JESUS ONLY books printed in my local language named Telugu. These books are so much useful and helpful to the thousands of the people in my area. GNU has been helping me to organise the Gospel Evangelism to the hundreds of the people in big villages, towns and cities with help of 30 Pastors who have joined with us.

By doing this Gospel evangelism, many people come to know about Jesus, his teachings and salvation. I am so thankful to GNU now and forever for helping my ministry in various ways. I believe it is by the wonderful and great works of GNU that I can do all these things in my ministry in India.

– Your Loving Pastor Joseph

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