Would You Spend Your Honeymoon Studying the Gospel?

Aug 25, 2015 1963

Would you spend your honeymoon studying the Gospel? I did, and I want to tell you what happened because of it. This is my story.

samy josephine

Sammy and Josephine were so excited about the Gospel that they spent their honeymoon studying it!

My name is Josephne Mugisha, and I was born in large Christian family, large because we are 7 children. We were taught to love God as members of Catholic Church. As we grew up we left the Catholic Church and I was the first to move out in search for something I felt I was missing. I joined the Monist faith, and I love their way of life that was driven by their slogan that says ‘No Money No Life’. But in spite of that, the thirst for the truth of God grew more and more in me.

And so I left the monist faith and I joined a series of other churches, always searching for something missing in my life.

Then I got married to man called Sammy, but I had a very unusual but blessed honeymoon. Immediately after our wedding function, we spent our honeymoon studying the Gospel!

We sat down together with David Kayumba and his wife Ellen and studied the Gospel. I told David and Ellen that there was chaos within me. But the truth of the gospel became an answer for the questions that Sammy and I were asking.

My husband and I had very different religious backgrounds. It was very possible for me to have boasted of what I called my own church and beliefs, and on the other hand my husband would boast what he called his own. But the Gospel is far greater than all of that, and that is why I said Amen to Jesus. The Gospel became the centre of power for our lives, the glue that held everything, – and us – together.

Our study went much deeper into scripture, and we even invited friends to join our study, and at times we went to their homes (in Belgium) and studied with them. Now, because most of the time I live in Sweden, I continue doing the joyful work of sharing the Gospel. God has done for us an amazing thing when he brought us into contact with Good New Unlimited, and we are so happy to be part of the unlimited sharing of the Gospel.

It did not take long before the book Jesus Only, by Desmond Ford, was published in different African languages including Kinyarwanda (the language of Rwanda) by Good News Unlimited. My husband wished to give a copy of Jesus Only (Yesu Wenyine) to my father in Rwanda. My father accepted the offer of the books and soon the books were sent to Gisenyi in Rwanda, where he lives. My father, who is a Roman Catholic even started giving copies of the book to some of his friends!

Last year, we went to Rwanda for our holiday to visit our family; an opportunity that rarely comes, because of financial constraints. During this period, we met many people from different faith traditions and we found that the genius of the book Jesus Only is that it opened the way to have conversations with people from all kinds of backgrounds. It even opened a way to have a conversation with my father.

One morning, Sammy and I were with my father, and I was discussing with Samy about a friend of ours who had also been distributing Jesus only in Rwanda and we were stressing the importance of reading the book before passing it on to others so that you could be in a position to answer the basic questions.

My father, who was seated in front in the car, overheard our discussion, and when we returned home, he called us together and with very heartfelt words he spoke in humility asking for forgiveness. He said to us that he had listened to our discussion and his was deeply troubled by the fact that he had not read the book either, even though he had distributed it to his friends. And so he asked us to forgive him, and he said these words,

Samuel, let me tell you the truth; when you called me and told me about Jesus Only, I accepted it because it would be rude not to accept a gift from my son-in-law. You know that I have been a Catholic since 1954, and so all I did was to receive the books and passed them on to others. I have read other books that only attack my Catholic faith, and I thought that this would be another of those books.

But when I heard you speaking with Josephine, I felt that you were speaking to me, but I had not read the book at all! So now I am going to read it!

After reading the book, my father came to me excitedly and said,

‘Jesus Only’ speaks only about the crucified Savior! I have seen the truth! Now I am going to join hands with you to share the good news about our King!

Let me take this opportunity to thank my King Jesus because the Gospel is indeed the power that sets free!

I used to love Jesus but I use to bury him under so many other things that I picked up from the different places from which I sought truth. I thank God for making order out of my chaos. I thank him because by the death of Jesus he has taken away my burden, and his Gospel has scattered away all the confusion.

Finally, I thank the elder Desmond Ford for giving himself up to this great work. He is getting old, but let him know that we are here and we too shall live for this noble cause of the Gospel.

– Josephine Mugisha

Josephine Mugisha and Samuel Nsengiyumva are married and she lives mostly in Sweden. Both are very active evangelists and we share the joy of sharing Christ in season and out of season.

Eliezer Gonzalez

Aug 29, 2015

You and Sammy are a blessing. Be strong in the Lord!

Eliezer Gonzalez

Aug 29, 2015

Thank you brother! God bless you and your beautiful family! :)

munyaneza thomas

Aug 29, 2015

Continue that share of good news, God strenghten you

Josephine Mugisha

Aug 28, 2015

Thank you Lord for you overlasting Love ! Thank you brother Duncan to published our testimony , that's true realy! We love the Gospel and we take this opportunity to thank pastor David Kayumba who take his all time to teach us the Gospel! God help all of us for to help others to hear the Good new of our sevior Jesus Christ wherever we are!

Kayumba David

Aug 26, 2015

That is what really happens when real men and real women come face to face with the real King of the Universe. Priorities changes, and every occasion is turned into an opportunity for lifting up the banner of Christ.

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