Your Shepherd Is Calling

Feb 1, 2016 1192

This psalm opens with a daring assertion of a present belief, and a faith for the future. “The Lord is”; that is present. “I shall not want”; that is future. Our Father is God of the present and also of the future. All this being true, there is no need of anxiety. (Roy L. Smith – The Lord Is My Shepherd)

Meditating on the 23rd Psalm, I found myself living the experience of a sheep following a shepherd:
My Shepherd keeps me close
I want for nothing
I follow Him to green pastures where we rest and meditate
I follow Him to still waters to be refreshed and restored
He leads in the right well-trodden pathways over hill and valley.
He keeps me close

The paths over the hills and valleys can be dangerous, but I continue to look to my
Shepherd and I am not afraid. He is a strong presence.

He uses His rod and crook to keep me safe over the difficult pathways.
He keeps me close.

I trust my Shepherd. He provides all my needs. He covers my wounds and scratches with oil
He gives pure clean water in my cup at night.

Surely I am covered by His care for all of my days and in His house I will forever experience His great love and mercy. He keeps me safe.

Do you have a Shepherd?
My Shepherd is calling.
He wants to keep You close.

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