171 People Baptised into the Kingdom of God in Kenya

Jan 19, 2015 2376

BaptismsIn December (last month), 171 souls surrender their lives to Christ and were baptised in Kiisi, Kenya, as the outcome of three weeks of evangelistic meetings organised by the Goshen Family Association in conjunction with local churches. The Goshen Family Association is a gospel fellowship affiliated with Good News Unlimited.

Baptisms1The Goshen Family Association had prepared for the meetings by distributing copies of the book Jesus Only by Des Ford. This wonderful group of Christians is led by Pr Boaz Nyariki.

BaptismThe new Christians  being nurtured by the Goshen Family Association and after 6 months they will be joining the local churches of their choice. The newly baptized individuals are in great need of Bibles. [Note by Eliezer – GNU is in discussion with them in order to provide them with Bibles.

People baptised

Baptismal candidates

In July GNU will descend on Kenya for mega evangelistic meetings being organized by GNU and our partners in Kenya. This is truly an important time when Christ is all that matters. It does not matter what station in life individuals may belong to, Jesus is on the move!

– David Kayumba

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