Jesus Will Bring the Answers

Mar 1, 2020 2042

Jesus has all the answers.

The Christian theologian Edward Fudge tells of a meeting he had with Jewish leaders, at which they asked him one question: If Jesus is the Messiah, why is the world in such a mess?

Edward said to them, “Because the Messiah’s work requires him to come to earth twice. He came the first time, but the second coming has not yet occurred.”

Have you ever thought about it, that Christmas is only half the story. It’s good that we celebrate Jesus’ coming to earth at Bethlehem as a baby in the manger.

But Jesus reminded people over and over again that that wasn’t the end of the story, that he would come again. It would be then that all the trouble and strife in this world would end. I reckon Christians do have a lot of answers, but they don’t have all the answers right now. Jesus does, and we’ll have them when he comes again the second time.

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