Everyone Has a Story

Mar 1, 2020 1502

There’s no one-dimensional people.

When I was a little kid, growing up in a sleepy suburb of western Sydney, there was someone who really scared me. I’d see him from time time time walking along the main street.

He was a man with dirty old clothes, messed up hair and a big beard, but the main thing about him was that he always carried a big sack on his shoulder. My father told me that he walked around looking for disobedient children and that he put them in his sack.

Now, I know that he was probably just a poor homeless guy, trying to cope with the hand that life had dealt him.

Every one of us has our own story, our own struggles, and every one of us has a heart that is crying out for acceptance and love.

Jesus Christ sees all of us as his many-faceted children. There’s no one-dimensional people. Listen for their story, and you’ll become enriched as well.

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