Mar 19, 2020 1866

God who will one day make all things right.

Some things, you don’t forget!

I came second in a trivia competition at school. The prize that had been announced for the runner-up was a music CD. I won that CD fair and square in front of the whole school, but they never gave me the CD. To this day I don’t know why.

But that’s just trivial!

In the years since then, I’ve learnt that the unfairness of life goes much deeper than that. I’m sure that you also have experienced how unfairness seems to be the rule rather than the exception.

That’s why it’s good to know that there is a God who will one day make all things right. Knowing that also encourages us to actually work against unfairness and for justice. Because we know that God will make all things right, we want to help bring about as much of that fairness and justice today. Remember: Unfairness will end. So play fair!

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