The Greatest Lover

Mar 19, 2020 1240

God is the greatest lover and the greatest sacrificer!

I was driving around with someone of another faith, and we were talking about religion.

He told me that it wasn’t possible for Jesus to be God, because he allowed himself to be crucified. It’s just not very god-like behaviour, is it?

I asked him whether true love ever exists without sacrifice. He thought about it for a while, and then he said, “No, it doesn’t.”

I then asked him to imagine a God who was all-merciful and all-loving, so that there was no limit to his love.

Then, I said, if God is the greatest lover, then is he not also the greatest sacrificer? And if that were true, then wouldn’t the Cross be the greatest act of Divine love possible?

Think about it. God is the greatest lover and the greatest sacrificer! That’s how, at the Cross, he obtained eternal life for all those who are willing to believe in him.

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