Might Is Not Right

Mar 19, 2020 852

Ultimately right will win over might.

I remember being bullied at school. I guess we’ve all experienced being bullied at some stage in our lives.

Unfortunately, our society works on the principle that “might is right.” Too often in the end, it seems like it’s the powerful, the wealthy, and the most aggressive who get what they want.

The “might is right” principle ruled the world, that is, until the Cross event.

Jesus, who was “right,” was killed by the people with the “might.” And it seemed that “might is right” would win again, like it always did… That is, until resurrection morning.

When Jesus rose from the dead, the old order of things was reversed, because Jesus forever demonstrated that “might is not right,” but that instead, ultimately right will win over might.

And today, through all the injustices of life, that’s what keeps us going. Remember, because of the Cross, might isn’t right, only right is might.

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