Prayer In Lonely Places

Mar 19, 2020 899

God invites you to look up.

Once I was driving at night along a lonely country road, and I stopped at a rest stop.

It was just me there. It seemed a dark and lonely place. That is, until I looked up.

There spread out above me, almost surrounding me, was the glory of the Milky Way, filling the night with light. As I looked up, two shooting stars flashed across the sky.

I felt the presence of God powerfully that night, and I felt compelled to spend some time in prayer.

I never really understood why it is that the Bible tells us that,

Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.

Too often, we’re so busy being busy that we forget to look up, so it’s good to take some time out to do just that. And God invites you to look up. And when you do, you’ll find, like I did, that lonely places aren’t so lonely any more.

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