Perhaps Love

Mar 19, 2020 1075

There is no “perhaps” about the love of God.

I love John Denver’s song, “Perhaps Love.” I guess I’m a romantic at heart.

The lyrics talk about how perhaps love is like a beautiful series of metaphors that people use, and then it says that “some say they don’t know.”

The search for love is core to what it means to be human. Love for many remains an elusive, undefinable experience that represents the highest aspiration of the human spirit.

For those who know the love of God, love is not an elusive, undefinable thing. For them, love is personified in the person of Jesus Christ, full of selfless goodness and kindness. And that love has been demonstrated and proven in what Christ has done for us by suffering what we deserve so that we might get what he deserves. There’s no human song that can describe such a love as this. As beautiful as John Denver’s song may be, there is no “perhaps” about the love of God.

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