Get Wise

Mar 19, 2020 1213

We’re getting smarter and smarter, but what we all need to do is to get wise.

I love the movie Get Smart, starring Steve Carrell and Anne Hathaway. It gets me laughing every time, how Agent 86 never seems to learn!

In some ways, we’re getting smarter and smarter in our society, but what we all need to do is to get wise.

Once when my wife was sick, I decided to make mashed potatoes for her. You see, I was smart. I knew how to make mashed potatoes. But I wanted to make it special, so I added custard to the mashed potatoes, and my wife hated it. That wasn’t wise, and I’ve never lived it down!

Wisdom is the correct application of knowledge. Wisdom learns from experience, and especially from the experience from others.

We’re all bombarded by knowledge, but are we getting wise? The Bible invites us to get wise. And it tells us that true wisdom begins when you start respecting who God is.

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