Compassion Leads to Street Boys to Give Their Lives to Jesus

Oct 31, 2016 1582

Evangelist Emma was walking through the streets of Nyamirambo, Kigali, Rwanda in 2010, when she passed a marketplace. The smell of food wafted through the air, as people hurried to and fro, buying and selling. Busy with their days, most barely noticed the group of boys going through the garbage, searching for scraps of the food they could smell but remained beyond their reach. These boys live on the streets and are rejected by the rest of society, but that day they experienced God’s love for the first time when Emma reached out to them.

Emma (on the right with the headscarf, with the street boys.

Emma (on the right with the headscarf, with the street boys.

Emma describes that she felt God wanted her to give them food,

I looked on my right side and saw dirty children collecting leftover food in the garbage area. I felt a strong feeling within that I should do something there and then so I approached them and talked to them. We went inside the market to shop for some food, and I invited them home for lunch.

That very day I started sharing food, shoes, clothes, and Gospel of Jesus Christ with them. They were so happy to find someone who can love them, because normally these children suffer rejection wherever they are.

Emma meets with them when she can, especially during the holiday seasons of Christmas, Easter and New Year. Recently 13 boys said they wanted to be baptised, accepting the Gospel of love that Emma has shared with them and also communicated through her actions.

Another person who wishes to be baptised is a former Muslim man, who in a seemingly chance meeting with Emma was introduced to the message of God’s love and grace. Emma says,

I met him in a bank when we were both in a line waiting to be served. He saw a Jesus Only book in my hand, and asked if he can read little bit. I took advantage of the situation to tell him what it says in the book and how Jesus Christ loves Him.

They stayed in touch and Emma continued to tell him about Jesus. As he read through Jesus Only, and spoke with Emma, the Gospel came alive for him, and he decided that he wanted to be baptised.

In addition, several people from the Jesus Only fellowship group in Gakenke have also made the choice for baptism. Our regular readers may remember this group, which began soon after Emma’s Jesus Only radio programme started to air. They gather weekly in the home of a local pastor to listen to the programme together, as well as read the Bible and Jesus Only. Through these meetings, 6 people have recently accepted Jesus and his free gift of salvation.

Although these people are of many different ages, backgrounds and walks of life, all 20 wishing to be baptised have this in common: through Emma’s ministry, God has reached them where they are.

– Ella Rodionoff

Emma shares the gospel with a Muslim man.

Emma shares the gospel with a Muslim man.


Street boys are overjoyed to receive shoes and the Gospel.

There's excitement in the streets as Emma shares the Gospel through the book, "Jesus Only."

There’s excitement in the streets as Emma shares the Gospel through the book, “Jesus Only.” Emma is sitting on the right.

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To God Be The Glory.

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