Rich Toward God

Mar 19, 2020 1237

We should be rich toward God.

When my parents died, I had to help clean out their house. Have you ever had to do that? It’s a sobering exercise. I realised how often, the things that we value, are in the bigger scheme of things, valueless.

Jesus told a story about a man who thought he was so wealthy that he needed to build a bigger barn, but then he died, and none of his wealth could help him. Jesus ended that story by saying that instead of storing things up for ourselves, we should be rich toward God.

So what does it mean to be rich toward God?

It means to accept the priceless sacrifice that Jesus made for you. It means that you get your value, not from things, but from knowing that you’re a child of God. Because, let’s face it, one day, someone’s going to have to throw your stuff away. But your riches in Jesus are forever.

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