You Are What You Think You Are

Apr 3, 2020 1499

You become like what you fill your mind with.

My wife and I used to be foster carers for a while. We noticed an interesting thing. The tiny little kids who were placed with us would act out the things they had seen their mums and dads do at home, and what they had seen in the videos they had been allowed to watch. And I have to tell you that a lot of it wasn’t pretty!

This really brought home to me the principle that you become like what you fill your mind with.

Those poor little kids didn’t have a choice, but… we do.

It’s important to look for healthy input for your mind: things that focus you on what is good, beautiful, generous, and kind.

By the way, I didn’t invent this idea. It comes from the Bible. So remember: Fill your life with positivity and goodness, because that’s what God wants for you.

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Apr 5, 2020

This message I just heard, I couldn't agree with more. I remember hearing this growing up, but I really didn't understand how, if I'm not careful, my thoughts can dictate how I respond to friends and famiy. And, sometimes my response was unbelievably thoughtless. We should all hear more messages like This one.

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