Don’t Be a Slave To Fear

Apr 15, 2020 1083

Christianity is about overcoming fear.

We often think that we live in a world free from slavery, but that’s not true at all. Perhaps up to 40 million people are trapped in different forms of slavery today, like child slavery and sex slavery.

There’s no way I want to minimise that, but I wonder if perhaps the most common form of slavery today isn’t physical; it’s mental. I’m talking about being a slave to fear – about when the fear of what might happen in the future, cripples you today.

Christianity isn’t about fear at all. In fact, it’s about overcoming fear.

Christians believe that Jesus has stared our greatest fears in the face – even hell itself –and he’s overcome them all.

And we don’t believe that you should approach God in fear, but in the same love and trust that a little child has for his parent. Remember: God invites you to be free from fear.

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