The Most Important Day

Apr 15, 2020 758

The most important day is always today.

I’ve got a birthday coming up soon. And on the very same day, my daughter is graduating from university. This is a really important day for our family!

We often think that the most important day for us is a day in the future, or perhaps it’s a day in the past.

But in the Bible, the most important day is always today.

The Bible says that Jesus is faithful. That means he makes us his priority. And how is he faithful? One day at a time. That means today.

The Bible also says that Jesus asks us to be faithful to him. The idea of being faithful for an entire lifetime might seem impossible. But we can be faithful today.

So enjoy today, make the best of it, and keep your heart and mind open to the opportunities God wants to give you today. Remember, no matter the date, the most important day is always today.

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