You Can’t Buy Love

Apr 15, 2020 1244

Success isn’t in having. Success is in being.

When the multimillionaire J.P. Morgan died in 1913, he left a will that included the following words:

I commit my soul to the hands of my Saviour, in full confidence that, having redeemed me and washed me with His most precious blood, He will present me faultless before the throne of my heavenly father. 

Too many people live by the motto:

“The one who dies with the most toys wins.”

For them, success is in having. But no matter how much money you have, you can’t buy what really matters.

Success isn’t in having. Success is in being. It’s in who you are.

J.P. Morgan had full confidence that he was loved, saved, and that God saw him as his perfect, cherished child. He knew that he would live forever, thanks to Jesus.

When you know that for a fact, your whole outlook on life changes. Remember:  You can’t buy love. It’s a free gift from God.

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