It Doesn’t Make Sense

Apr 15, 2020 1324

Christianity’s all about grace.

I’ve had people tell me that Christianity doesn’t make sense. I actually agree with them… at least on one particular point.

In fact, I’m glad that Christianity doesn’t make sense, at least in the way people think it should. Because if Christianity made sense, then I’d get what I deserve, and so would you.

You see, Christianity’s all about grace, and grace definitely doesn’t make sense.

Why should you love your enemies, and not just your friends? Why should you totally forgive someone who hasn’t done anything to deserve it? Why should God give you eternal life, when the only thing you’ve done is to take him at his word?

See, it doesn’t make sense at all, does it?

And you should be glad that Christianity doesn’t make sense in that way. It if made sense, it you wouldn’t need it. And that’s why it’s good news! Because God loves you, not because of, but  in spite of, who you are.

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