Closer Than You Think

Apr 15, 2020 880

Jesus is always closer than you think.

When you’re young you do some really silly stuff, don’t you? Once I was walking at the base of some cliffs by the sea with some friends. The waves were pounding in, and we had to jump across the mouth of a huge, deep cave into which the waves were pounding.

One of my friends didn’t make the jump, and he fell into the water. He disappeared below the water. The wave was coming in, and we knew that when it did he would be swept into the cave, where he’d be gone for good.

One of my mates just thrust his hand into the water, even though we couldn’t see him at all. Somehow, my friend just grabbed onto that hand, and he was hauled up to safety.

Although he must have been panicking underneath that dark, deep water, help was closer than he thought!

You know, it’s like that with Jesus. Remember: he’s always closer than you think.

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