God Is For You

Apr 15, 2020 1498

God is for you even when you’re not for him.

Recently I had to go to court, and I thought about representing myself. I’m happy I didn’t.

It was really intimidating! How glad I was that I had a team of legal professionals who were on my side. They argued my case, and they knew what they were doing! As a result, I won.

I’ve heard non-believers say, “If God exists, he’s not really on my side.”

You might be surprised to know that much of religion around the world is based on the idea that God is against you, and not for you. That’s why you have to do stuff to get God on your side.

But Christianity is different. Its central message is that God is for you, and he’s for you even when you’re not for him.

And the best thing of all is that, unlike lawyers, you don’t have to pay God to be on your side.

He just is. Because that’s who he is.

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Veselee Gayflor

Apr 19, 2020

Thanks Dr Gonzalez for the motivation

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