You Are Trusted

May 6, 2020 1692

God has trusted us with his grace.

When I was a little kid at school, our grade 6 teacher asked us who was the least likely student not betray a secret, no matter how much how much torture they endured. I know. It’s a weird question to ask a bunch of kids, right?

I was actually gutted that the teacher didn’t chose me. He chose Tim, who wasn’t small and puny like me. And, you know, the teacher had a point. I’ve never been a great fan of being tortured.

But still, we all like to think of ourselves as trustworthy, don’t we?

In the Bible, it says that God has trusted us with his grace. He’s been good to us so that we can be good to others. More than that, he’s trusted us to share with others just how good he is.

And being kind to others really isn’t really torture, is it? Remember: God has placed his trust in you.

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