Who Jesus Was

May 6, 2020 1179

If you want to know who Jesus is, look at the cross.

Have you ever known a person, who, when they walk into a room, becomes the centre of attention? They don’t need to work the room; the room works them!

Wherever Jesus went, He was the centre of attention. And the most common question that’s asked about Jesus throughout the Gospels, in the stories about Jesus, is “Who is this?”

So let’s let Jesus answer for himself. Once, he was asked, “Who are you?” and he answered:

When you have lifted up the Son of Man, you will know who I am.

By being “lifted up”, Jesus means his crucifixion. That seems a really weird thing to say…

Until you understand that there on the cross you are looking at the face of God, who allowed himself to be judged as guilty, so that if you accept what he has done, you are free of condemnation, both now and forever. Remember: If you want to know who Jesus is, look at the cross.

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