Called To Be Remarkable

May 6, 2020 1098

Your potential is limitless!

The history of Christianity isn’t all good. Some bad things happened, and we shouldn’t ignore them. But many great things have been done as well. So, let me briefly mention just part of the untold story.

Throughout history, it’s been Christians who have been the explorers, pioneers, the innovators, the creators, and those who have forged ahead to new horizons.

More than that, the concept of the individual, religious freedom, of human rights, the abolition of slavery, equal rights for women, universal public education, universities, and hospitals were all specifically Christian developments. And every major branch of modern science was founded by a believer in Jesus Christ.

Today, God has called you to be remarkable in your own way.

Because if you have the assurance of salvation, if you know that you’re going to live forever, then all bets are off, aren’t they? There’s nothing holding you back. Your potential is limitless! So remember: Be remarkable!

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