Salvation Like Tennis

May 11, 2020 1332

Jesus has already won on your behalf.

I’ve been playing some tennis recently. Usually we hit the ball around a bit before we play for points. I find that I hit the ball much better, and I’m more relaxed, when I’m not playing for points than when I’m actually playing a game. Has that ever happened to you?

And the weird thing is that it’s when I focus on enjoying myself out there on the court that my tennis actually improves!

Life’s like that. You can live life as if trying to earn God’s approval: focused on avoiding mistakes and on trying to be good enough.

Or you can live as if your salvation has already been won, and you’re under God’s grace.

With Jesus, you can enjoy life, knowing that each mistake is an opportunity to learn, and that it doesn’t count against you, because you know that Jesus has already won on your behalf. So, remember: With God, there’s no performance stress.

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