How to Avoid Stinking Thinking

May 12, 2020 1058

Jesus is the greatest revelation of God.

Some days I wake up and I know it’s going to be a good day. Other days I wake up and I know that I’m not in the best frame of mind.

I’m talking about the “stinking thinking” that we all struggle with. They are the negative thought patterns that pull you down.

So, what’s the key to avoiding stinking thinking in your life, and to start developing worthwhile and positive ways of thinking? It’s to recognise who God is: to focus on how good God is!

That doesn’t mean that focusing on the goodness of God solves all your problems. But it does mean that it’s where you start.

Jesus is the greatest revelation of God.

So, what do I do when the “stinking thinking” starts to creep into my life? I take some time to stop and acknowledge who God is, in Jesus Christ. I don’t have time for worthless thoughts in my life!

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