He Touches Your Feet

May 12, 2020 1456

You need to let Jesus touch your feet.

When my wife came to Australia as a young adult, she had to attend English classes. In one of these classes she was sitting next to a young man from the Middle East, and to get his attention, she tapped his foot with her own foot. He became absolutely furious with her.

In the Middle East, your feet are considered the most shameful part of the body. It’s insulting to touch anyone else’s foot in any way.

Jesus washed his disciple’s feet before the Cross. Only slaves did that. Jesus took on the role of a slave in order to cleanse us from our sins.

This tells us something shocking about Jesus. It tells us that he touches your feet: the worst, dirtiest, most shameful part of you. He did it at the Cross when he bore your sin. He asks you to surrender everything to him. Remember: You need to let Jesus touch your feet.

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