May 12, 2020 1744

God invites you into eternity itself.

My parents brought me up with a very healthy diet. I didn’t even get a hole in my teeth until after I got married.

I hardly ever had any sweets as a kid. But one year a friend gave me a giant chocolate Easter egg. I remember it was even bigger than my head!

I wanted to make it last forever. And so every day, I would break off a little piece of the Easter egg to eat. I made it last for about 9 months! But no good thing ever seems to last forever.”

Whether we admit it or not, humanity has always longed for forever. There seems to be something within us that looks for more than just a few decades and then oblivion.

But God offers you something that does last. He invites you into eternity itself. And, in case you’re wondering, these days I have no problem enjoying my chocolate more quickly.

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