Travel Lightly Through the World

May 28, 2020 1199

Jesus shows us a better way to live.

There’s two kinds of travellers: those who pride themselves on packing as little as possible, and those who pack as much as they’re allowed. I must confess to being one of the latter!

When Jesus sent out his disciples to preach the kingdom of God, he gave them what seem to be very strange instructions. He told them to simply go and to pack nothing for the journey.

Society tells us the opposite. It tells us that we should weigh ourselves down with possessions: houses, cars, boats, investments, and bank accounts.

But Jesus shows us a better way to live. He tells us to travel lightly through the world.

If it’s your stuff that gives you your sense of security and identity, then you’re on the wrong path.

God says that you’re actually in this world on a mission: to discover true life with Jesus and to share it with others. Perhaps it’s time to declutter your life?

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