True Leadership

May 28, 2020 1656

 The leader is always the chief sacrificer.

My mother was the chief sacrificer in our family. She was a little lady, and didn’t look like anyone special. But she gave everything for her family.

She worked night shifts cleaning suburban train carriages to make sure her children could get an education and have the opportunities she never had.

No one would think of her as a leader, but my mother was a great leader, because as God sees it, the leader is always the chief sacrificer.

This isn’t just a religious idea. The person whom people really follow in any area of life is the one who puts others first.

That’s what Jesus meant when he said that whoever wants to be first should be the last; whoever wants to be great must be a servant.

True leaders die to self so that others may live. We die to self when we give up our rights for the good of others. Remember: That’s what leaders do.

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