A Better Country

May 28, 2020 1763

God has a better country prepared for all of us. 

My mum and dad came to Australia in 1971. They were looking for a better country. They had fled the economic problems of Spain in the 50’s and 60’s, and migrated to Switzerland. After ten years in Switzerland, they decided to move away from Europe, with its cold war and cold weather. That’s why  That’s why they decided to come to Australia. And besides, the Australian government offered free airfares to skilled migrants. Those were the days!

I’m glad my mum and dad made that choice. It’s because of them that I’m Australian today. I love Australia, and there’s nothing like coming home after a trip overseas. But, you know, there’s a sense in which we’re always looking for a better country.

The Bible tells us that God has a better country prepared for all of us.

But we have to have the courage to accept his invitation. Remember: There’s a better country up ahead!

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