Decisions and Guilt

Jun 10, 2020 1046

Never, ever, make decisions on the basis of guilt.

I was speaking with someone recently who wanted to know whether they should continue in a relationship. They’re in love, but they’re experiencing opposition from family members, and my friend’s thinking is confused by guilt as a result.

Perhaps you’ve been in a similar situation. Actually, I have, myself.

It’s not easy, but we need to learn to make the right decisions for the right reasons. And guilt laid on us by others is never the right reason. Even our own guilt for the things we’ve done wrong can muddy our thinking.

Somehow you have to put the guilt that others make you feel off in a box to the side and deal with it separately. If it’s false guilt, ignore it. If it’s your own true guilt, then God knows how to forgive. But never, ever, make decisions on the basis of guilt. Remember: Guilt is never a good reason for making decisions.

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