Tears in Heaven

Jun 10, 2020 1087

God will wipe out death, and sorrow and pain.

Although I’m a guy, I have been known to have a bit of a cry. But here’s the thing: most of the times, it’s been tears of joy.

But will there be tears in heaven? After all, doesn’t the Bible say that God will wipe every tear from our eyes?

Let me phrase the question another way, “Will we cry for joy in heaven?”

You see, not every tear is bad. Tears of joy are good. They represent an overwhelming sensation of joy that is too much for one to bear. Some people call them happy tears.

When the Bible says that there will be no more tears in heaven, it’s in the context of the reality that God will wipe out death, and sorrow and pain.

I can’t even begin to imagine those first moments when we will be embraced into the joy of heaven! Will there be tears in heaven? I actually think there will.

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