Get Out of the Way

Jun 10, 2020 1100

God’s way is always the best way.

I’ve got a lovely little dog called Theo. We love him to death, but I’m always tripping over him. He’s always in my way!

Sometimes I feel like I’m always in God’s way. I think I’m helping, but I’m not!

It’s like Jesus’ friend Peter in the Bible. Peter wants to do the right thing, but doesn’t quite get it… that Jesus knows best.

When Jesus wants to go to Jerusalem, Peter argues with him, and Jesus has to tell him to get out of his way. In Gethsemane, when the mob comes to arrest Jesus, Peter whips out his sword, but Jesus has to tell him to put it away.

Have you ever felt as if you just can’t get things right? Eventually Peter understood that even when he didn’t understand, God’s way was best.

That’s not easy. But it’s the best way to live. So, remember: God’s way is always the best way.

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