When the Last are the First

Jun 24, 2020 1211

Sometimes the last are actually the first.

In my late teens, I ran in a 10 km road race with a whole bunch of my friends, just for fun. I liked running, but I was just so slow!

One by one, everyone overtook me, until I was so far behind I couldn’t see anyone else up ahead.

Then a couple of kilometres from the end of the race, I caught up with one of my friends who I thought was one of the best runners.

He wanted to stop and give up, but I encouraged him, and side by side, we ran the last leg of the race together.

I actually felt really good about it. I was happy that my friend had actually finished the race, and that I’d been there to help him.

Although I really did come last, I felt like a winner. It seems that Jesus was right after all. Sometimes the last are actually the first.

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