Half Baked Christian

Aug 7, 2020 1510

You have to let the grace of God touch every part of you.

Before my marriage, my prospective mother-in-law and sister-in-law came from overseas. I had to be on my best behaviour and make a good impression!

So, I decided to make them pizza, from scratch, in front of them, so they could see my culinary skills up close and personal. But the dough never cooked. It’s hard to make inedible pizza, but I achieved it that day! And I was so very embarrassed to have served that half-baked pizza!

In the Bible, God calls about some of his followers as being “half-baked.” One of the reasons many people reject Jesus Christ is because there’s too many half-baked Christians running around.

These are people who’re overcooked by religion on one side, and still raw on the other. These are religious zealots and bigots who seem to know nothing of Christ’s principles of love and grace at all.

You have to let the grace of God touch every part of you. Remember: Don’t be half-baked!

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