“Many people have accepted Jesus” – A Letter from Pr Joseph in India

Aug 29, 2015 1565

I received this unsolicited letter from Pr Joseph a few days ago. May all the glory be to Christ. – Eliezer

Pr Joseph Usala

Pr Joseph Usala

Dear Loving Pastor Eliezer Gonzalez

From the bottom of my heart and in the love of Jesus I am thankful to you for coming this year to India to have wonderful and marvellous Good News spreading in the different villages. Your valuable presence and preaching made many changes among the people and Pastors.

Pastors’ Conference

This Pastors’ Conference was wonderful and excellent. You have preached well “How to spread the Gospel.” All the Pastors who had come for the meeting liked and learned a lot. They are very, very happy about it and they are much inspired to do Good News spreading in many places.

They like to have Gospel Training programmes like this, so they can learn and do much more Gospel spreading work in and around. This conference helped the Pastors to do Gospel work well in many places for saving the lost souls in Christ. All the Pastors wanted to have Gospel Training Manual translated into Telugu so that they will be knowing much better how to do Gospel work and Gospel spreading.

Many of the Pastors have been calling me to spread the Gospel in their own churches and the villages. So it is a great and wonderful privilege to spread the good news in various places. So your visit influenced many Pastors and gave them a lot of strength to do Gospel work.

Through our TV programme Pastors have been interested to work with us for spreading the Gospel. The TV programme has much influence on pastors. Over all, all the Pastors are very much interested in GNU activities and they are very,very happy about your visit and Pastors Conference.

Gospel Evangelism in Various Villages for the People

The Gospel evangelism was wonderful and many, people were moved by your great preaching. It was your valuable presence and appearance made people happy and accept Jesus in their lives. Through your preaching many people accepted Jesus and changed their way of life and many people were healed in the name of Jesus.

Just your visit alone had much influence on people. Even Hindu people also came to know about Jesus and teachings.

So People have been thirsty and longing for the word of God. People are much interested to listen to the word of God and make their life happy in Jesus Christ. So many people have been asking about you when I went their villages. So it shows that they are very, very happy about your visit. So your visit has made much profit in Christ for the kingdom of God.

Out of one hundred if we win one soul in Christ it is very, very greater than ninety-nine. It will be rejoiced in heaven in the kingdom of God. So last year and this year there is a lot of growth and development among the people in the villages by your marvelous and wonderful visits.

Jesus said to his disciples, “Go throughout the whole world and preach the Gospel to all mankind” (Mark 16:15). It is your wonderful and powerful Gospel preaching that helped many people to accept Jesus in their lives.

On behalf of the pastors and the people I am so thankful to you and to Mr Duncan Wood and GNU supporters and partners who have been generous to you to help to do Gospel spreading in India.

The TV programme is also influencing many people to know about Jesus teaching and preaching. Through our TV programme many people come to know about Jesus. So they are very, very happy about our programme.

I pray that our TV programme will reach throughout Andhra Pradesh 24 districts more than 800,000 people in the coming days. Thank you very much Pastor Eliezer and Mr Duncan Wood for your wonderful and great visit to India this year.

It is my great honour and privilege to write about your excellent visit. I do pray daily for GNU to reach thousands and thousands of people with powerful Good News of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Yours loving Pastor Joseph, India, Andhra Pradesh.

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