A New Master

Sep 27, 2015 1742

Do not let sin reign in your mortal body so that you obey its evil desires (Rom. 6:12).

When we are baptised we indicate that we have chosen a new master. We show that we have died to Satan and his ways and have risen to a new life in Christ. The past is buried; the future with the Lord has begun. It is a contradiction to indicate that we have died to sin while still living in its power. It is inconsistent to signify that our addictions are dead and buried while still submitting ourselves to their power.

Jesus asks us to live in the reality of our salvation. We can never do this perfectly while we are still living in a sinful world. But the good news is that he is always there to cover us. Remember this:

“The righteousness of justification is 100%, but it is not inside us. It is in Christ. The righteousness of sanctification is inside us but it is never 100%. The righteousness of glorification will be both 100% and it will be within us. That is the glorious gospel” (Desmond Ford, Here is the Answer).

To excuse your failure to be obedient to Christ is to limit the overcoming power of the Holy Spirit. Christ’s command is clear: “Do not let sin reign in your mortal body.” Every command given by Jesus is backed by his empowerment. He never asks us to do what is not possible.

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