A Secret to Understanding the Ten Commandments – By Desmond Ford

Aug 24, 2015 1852

watchOne of the secrets to understanding the Ten Commandments is this: Put first, first. Not first things first. Things are at the end of the Ten Commandments – not at the beginning. “Thou shalt not covet” any thing. But the first is only, “No other gods before Me”. First must be first, and God is first.

The Bible begins with God. “In the beginning God… ” The Lord’s prayer was “Our Father… ” God is always first. Or is He??? He should be always first. So, the Ten Commandments are teaching us that. Get your priorities straight. Have a hierarchy of values. A person without a hierarchy of values will achieve nothing. The principle is so vital.

Do you realize that 20% of what we do has 80% the value of our lives? Things are not of equal importance. You can disregard 80% of the things you want done today and still get 80% of reward, because 20% of what you have planned for today has 80% significance. Things aren’t all an equal “grey”. Some things are much more important than others.

I can neglect many things in the day, but I are not neglect my time with God. I dare not neglect physical exercise. I dare not neglect adequate rest. I dare not neglect the claims of service. But, a million other things I can forget.

So what? “First, first,” says the Ten Commandments. They begin with God, they move into the family, then other people and things. That’s the true hierarchy of values. God’s more important than any other person, the family is more important than other people, and people are more important than things.

There are many unhappy people who make things their god. They make money their god. They’ll ultimately drop into their coffins with a “clink,” because they haven’t put people ahead of things. So this is what the Bible is trying to say. The universe is run by law, and so we have to learn to put first, first, and people are more important than things.

The Bible tells us therefore that we are to oppose to the death the petty larsony of our life by trifles. Most people, their energies run out by trifles. They might as well be picking blades of grass off the lawn. It would make no more difference. We should oppose to the death the petty larsony of our life by trifles. We need to learn to concentrate on a few great, important matters, which will feed the soul and feed the world, with tremendous fruitage in return.

The Christian ought always to know what he is doing. Even when he’s doing nothing. The Christian shouldn’t always be working, but he ought to know why he’s not working when he’s not. He’s working at resting, in order to work. Discipline: there’s no other way.

Sanctification is nothing other than an intense concentration on God’s viewpoint about everything.

– Des Ford. Rom 8:27–32. Adapted from “Tomorrow According to the Revelator.”

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