Have You Already Received Your Reward in Full?

Mar 31, 2020 8970

Your Reward[W]hen you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. – Matthew 6:5

It is a fearful thing to think that you have already received your reward in full here on this earth – that this is as good as it gets. It’s a terrifying through to consider that’s there’s no more for you, that your only reward is an earthly one. It’s horrifying to think that you have already received all the answers to prayers that you are going to be getting.

To whom does Jesus direct these words? To the hypocrites – to those who put on their “holiness” masks, to those behave in specific ways in order to be considered good and holy by other people.

To those who recognized their need, to those who were not ashamed to come to Him, Jesus never uttered a word of condemnation.

But to the self-righteously religious crowd, Jesus says, “Enjoy the approval of other people; that’s what you were after, and that’s your reward. But you’ll be receiving no approval from me.”

And that is one of the scariest thoughts of all.

You can read about the eternal reward that God has for you here.

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– Eliezer Gonzalez

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Eliezer Gonzalez

May 19, 2018

There is always hope, if you choose forgiveness. You can regain your salvation. The only sin that cannot be forgiven is the sin for which you do not seek forgiveness. Grace and peace, Eliezer


May 19, 2018

Jesus can be kind, caring, devoted, and loving. I'm learning that sometimes things change for some, and he can be unforgiving of certain things and also like the Bible says, Paul specifically: For he can not deny himself. I've been through a rough battle and still feel as if I failed horribly. Is there any hope in hell that you can regain your salvation

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