Armies of Angels

Jun 8, 2017 1817

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Armies of Angels

Once when I was in Egypt, I wanted to get to this place in the desert that was full of ancient temples. But our guide told us that the road there wasn’t safe.

But he told us that he had an uncle with a truck, and lots of relatives with guns. So they would come and escort us for our safety. For a brief moment I had visions of myself in an Indiana Jones movie… and then I said, “No.”

It reminds me of an episode in the life of Jacob in the Bible. He’s heading into danger, and the Bible says that two armies of angels met him, and I imagine that one army went ahead of him, and another behind. That sure beats a truck full of Egyptian tribesmen with guns, any day! I don’t know what awaits you today, but whatever it is, armies of angels are there for you if you trust in God right now.

Eliezer Gonzalez

Armies of Angels

Whatever awaits you today, armies of angels are there for you if you trust in God.

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