Baldy and the Crazy Radio

Aug 8, 2014 1993

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMeet Baldy. Baldy is a car. Our car.

We call him Baldy because he’s bald. All the paintwork is gone. So he looks like me on top.

He looks pretty good in this photo doesn’t he? All sparkly in the dew? But don’t let appearances deceive you.

The other day I was driving along with Baldy, and I decided to put some music on. So I turned the radio on.

It was on a radio station I didn’t like, so I tried to change the radio station, I couldn’t. All I did was to make it louder.

So I tried to turn the volume, and whether I turned the knob left or right, the volume only kept going one way… LOUDER. The more I tried, the louder it became.

Soon I was driving along the motorway sounding like a teenager in souped-up car with a boom-box at the back. And it was driving me crazy. It was REALLY LOUD. My guts and my ears were pounding to the beat. And it was so distracting that I thought I might crash.

Eventually I got off the motorway and parked the car by the side of the road. People looked at me as they walked past. I turned the car off and mercifully the radio turned off as well. Just as well; I was wondering whether it would keep going even with the car off.

I went for a little walk. I focused on what I could control – me. And when I was calmer, I went back, turned the car on, and did battle with the radio.

It was an epic battle, with the passers-by as spectators in the arena. After a long while I managed to work out how to coax the volume down, but just tapping the volume knob very, very gently.

Life’s like that at times. I mean… there are things that you just can’t control; things that drive you totally mad.

Some times you have to pull over and take stock, and focus on what you can control – on the things that you can be certain of.

You can be certain that God loves you as the very best Father loves his child. You can be certain that with Jesus you are going to be OK. You can be certain that nothing, but absolutely nothing will be able to destroy you if your life is in Jesus’ hands. All power has been given to Jesus. The devils tremble at His name.

Baldy may still have some surprises for me. Bring them on! I will always win in the end!

And you will too – in Jesus’ name.

Eliezer Gonzalez

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