Baptism For Buffalos?

Sep 30, 2015 1372


Boys sit on a bridge overlooking where are baptising. A tractor driver has also stopped to have a look.

At the place where we held the baptisms in India, there were almost more buffalos than people. More than that, they were in the water with us!

There was litter on the ground and indeed buffalos in the water, and a group of boys sitting on a bridge overlooking the baptisms, probably wondering what was going on!

We had no water purification equipment, but I said a prayer and jumped in… and for a few minutes, by those who were baptised, this spot was treated as the holiest of all places.

Enjoy the photos of this location!

– Eliezer Gonzalez


We went down these steps to baptise. The photos are taken from the nearby bridge.


Buffalos and their owners in the water near the baptism site.


Litter decorated the ground. This was the spot of the baptisms.


We let this lady finish her washing before we went there to do the baptisms.


“Hello! Are You Having A Swim With Us?”





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