Book Keeping Christianity

Feb 7, 2017 1911

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Book Keeping Christianity

Years ago, I had a short-lived career as a real estate agent, and I did a really silly thing. I wrote a contract for the sale of a house, and added an extra zero to the price! Thankfully my mistake was picked up and no harm was done … other than to my ego.

It’s important in life to have someone checking the details, like bookkeepers and accountants.

But some people think that’s what God is like too – a heavenly bookkeeper balancing our good deeds against our bad deeds.

But God isn’t like that. His acceptance of us is based on one thing only – whether or not we’ve turned from our sin and followed His Son, Jesus.

Sometimes Christians like to do some bookkeeping on their own salvation, and even on others. But there’s no place for that kind of bookkeeping in Christianity.

If you have the Son, nothing else matters. The Good News really is that simple!

Eliezer Gonzalez

Bookkeeping Christianity

Forget book keeping Christianity – If you have the Son, nothing else matters.

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