Children Meet Jesus Through GNU TV Programme

Oct 11, 2019 1987

Children Meet Jesus Through GNU TV Programme

Pr Joseph stands with the children who recognised him from the GNU TV Programme.

When Pr Joseph recently travelled to a new remote village, he was able to see another example of the reach of the GNU TV Programme and the impact it is having on people’s lives.

Pr Joseph went out to spread the Gospel, riding his motorbike to new remote areas where there are villages he can meet people and tell them about the Good News of Jesus. He stopped when he arrived in a new village. There were some children playing near the street, who noticed the stranger arrive. They watched and then went over to him in excitement.

The children greeted Pr Joseph and told him that they recognised him from the GNU TV Programme, which he hosts. It turns out that they and their families have been watching the programme each week. They shared that they have been learning all about the Gospel and Jesus, and have accepted Jesus into their lives.


They have been learning all about the Gospel and Jesus


In this village, and many like it, people have been hearing the Gospel and having their lives transformed as they accept Jesus from their living rooms as they watch TV. Even in places so remote that Pr Joseph has not yet travelled there, or may never travel there, the Good News is being spread. Pr Jospeh says,

At a young age children have been watching our GNU TV Programme and accepting Jesus into their lives and are listening to the Word of God. Thanks to Jesus for the GNU TV Programme to spread the Holy Gospel in the remote villages.

– Ella Rodionoff

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