Christ – The Key to the Future – Armageddon series

May 6, 2014 1863

by Desmond Ford

Armageddon! – A Biblical View

The popular view of Armageddon is mistaken because it is literalistic. It uses as its source newspapers and history books. Revelation 16, the Armageddon…

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Armageddon! – Understanding Revelation’s Signs and Symbols


Revelation is the book where all Bible books meet and end. It is a book of signs and symbols. Armageddon is a theme found throughout the book from the very first chapter.

Armageddon! – Through the Lens of the Cross


Armageddon cannot be understood unless we realize Revelation is a spiritual, figurative book. It helps to remember Revelation’s symbols are based on the Old…

Those Who Survive


God’s 144, 000 survive Armageddon. The names of the 144, 000 contain a symbolic message of joy and hope for us. The symbols used to describe Armageddon come from…

A Verse-By-Verse Study


The verses of Revelation 16, that are the context of Armageddon, tell of plagues falling upon the earth. These plagues are described in Old Testament and Calvary language…

How it Affects Us


The study of prophecy must be practical. It must change our lives. A Christ-centered study of Armageddon helps us put on the robe of Christ’s righteousness. Trust in God prevents…

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