Clothed in White – Dee’s Story

May 28, 2015 1807

He-who-overcomes-My husband Harvey and I attended GNU at Auburn California and I met Des and Gill, and Ron and Carmen Allen. In 2012, we moved near the central coast of California.  We have not found a church home but are led by the continued ministry of Good News Unlimited.

Thank you for your videos on Vimeo, and for the invitation to send our personal stories. I believed my story was not meant to be told, unless the Lord’s Spirit were to lead me. Perhaps it is only dramatic and miraculous to me. I do not know why I was shown such glory and mercy. All who seek him, find him. It is my duty to share whatever I have.

My Story

July 1979.  I was in my mid-twenties and had just begun Bible studies. As a child raised in Catholicism, I did not know that I was taught another set of commandments.  But I prayed to know the truth.

I found life in a near death experience. Strangely, I met Jesus during a movie. For more than thirty-six years, my greatest story remained untold. It is too holy. Medically unverifiable. It did not deserve to be laid open to ridicule. I know its reality and truth.

I have read all I can on ‘near death experiences’ and Christ encounters. This story has many similarities. I believe this was a near death experience. (Later, I was diagnosed with a benign heart murmur.) I was given a glorious glimpse, a revelation. I meditate every day on this: my communion with the living Lord.

I was watching a movie at a drive-in theater and was laughing at a scene, when it changed abruptly. I saw the ocean and heard the roar of the waves. Above the ocean was a heart.  I immediately thought “We are all one Spirit.” I was physically still in the car, (a girlfriend was in the driver’s seat, my seven year old son was in the back), but I sensed I was no longer in my body. Memories of childhood Christmas lights flashed; I felt joined with the Spirit and the cleansing ocean .

Then I was drawn upward through a long tunnel toward a very bright light. I was not at all afraid. I was not moving of my own power but no one was holding me. Suddenly, I stood in a bright green meadow near a tree.

I saw Jesus standing to my left, about twenty feet away. I ran straight to him, like a child. He embraced me a long time. What I felt was unspeakable—total acceptance. Then he looked into my eyes with pure love and divine pity. It was as if he was reading me. I was looking into the eyes of the risen, glorified Lord in the present! Though I immediately recognized him, I had not seen this person depicted in any image. It seemed I stood at about the level of his heart. He was much more than beautiful. His skin gleamed, bronze-like. His robe was white. He was wearing a wide gold belt with large red and blue jewels. His silver/gold hair was shoulder length. I do not remember his beard because I kept looking into his beautiful eyes. The sensory feeling was overwhelming, beyond any joy or ecstatic feeling known. I felt naked.

Then I thought: “What am I wearing?” In that instant, two things happened: Jesus exchanged glances with another, and I had a distant view of the scene, though I had not moved. I saw that my long straight hair had been arranged half up, half down, with curls, and I was wearing a long white lace dress with a bow tied in the back.

Then I heard a firm female voice tell Jesus, “She has to go back”. I must have said, “No, I don’t want to go back.”  Jesus’ expression slowly changed to sadness. He said, “Be patient.” His voice sounded “like the voice of many waters”. The female voice whispered the name of my son. I remembered my earthbound life and many responsibilities and saw my bowed head as I left.

Immediately, I was in the car as if startled awake. My friend said, “What happened? I thought you died!” I was going to call the police!”

I could not say a word. So dumbfounded was I.

Though it has taken years to be able to describe it, I was joyful for days. This remains the most significant experience of my life and I have mentioned it only a few times.  My son does not remember any of it.

I continued to bumble through life with many mistakes and sins, but my daily meditation on this close holy communion has given me great revelation, comfort, and blessed assurance.

I have meditated on the meaning of every aspect of my experience.

What was I wearing? My unspoken question,  I wonder what they thought.  Yes. She did just come up. Not  from the proverbial ‘turnip truck’ but literally from a nineteen-sixty-something Chevy Nova with an ‘om shanti’ sticker on the back window! But the Bible says: “Everyone who is foolish or ignorant is invited” (Proverbs 9:4). In heaven, I was dressed for Holy Communion or matrimony: clothed in the righteousness of Christ, in immortality!

Jesus said, “Be patient”. I cannot say that I am patient or know what that means. I can say I have been called to be patient and so believe that I was given that gift.

When I pray for the salvation of family, particularly my son, I remind myself; The angel said his name in Paradise!  We are already forgiven. 2 Pet. 1:3-9.

The Lord himself gathered me like a mother hen. How could I want for more? I should have worshiped at his feet or thanked him, or asked to know and do his will. Now I do. Because he is always very near— to all of us.

There you have my heart. My treasure. The net is cast.

Now receive him for yourself.

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